If you are in need of a Service Dog due to a Physical or Psychological disability, Daniel is a Certified Service Dog trainer.

Specialties include all forms of Mobility Assistance, Emotional Support, PTSD. Daniel will pair you with a dog suited to your needs and assist in all aspects of the training process.

If you already have a dog, Daniel will evaluate and assist you in making it your service dog.

Purchasing a Trained Service Dog can cost $15 - $25 thousand dollars. Learning to train your own Service Dog can cost less than half that amount and is very rewarding for you the handler.

Training your own dog builds a great bond between you and your Service Dog that you may not have with a purchased SD.

Service Dog training can be a combination of Boarding & Training and Private One on One Training.  The average service dog training program is 5-6 months.  It includes all testing and certification in accordance with ADA Service Dog law.