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>Meet Daniel De La Rosa

Formerly Petropolis Park

Certified by The Karen Pryor Academy

Daniel De La Rosa - is Florida's #1 Dog trainer certified by The Karen Pryor Academy in Positive Reinforcement and Clicker Training. From Family Dog to CGC to Competition Dog to Best In Show Dog to Service Dog this is an elite training experience.

Service Dogs 4 Servicemen

In honor of Florida’s Racing Dogs, Daniel is the first in the country to train Ex-racing Greyhounds for Service Dog work. The success of Service Dogs 4 Servicemen’s “Hero” Service Dog program over the past three years is unsurpassed by any other SD Program.

Daniel’s positive methods work

He will teach you how your dog’s mind works. You will learn to build a training bond with your canine best friend. Let Daniel teach you how to “Speak Dog” Learn at your own pace with customized programs tailored to your specific needs with your dog in a stress free learning environment. Any Dog at Any Age can be trained with Daniel’s positive reinforcement methods.

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Dog Training Programs

ALL Dogs are NOT created equal. Every training program is tailored for each individual dog and owner. Whatever program you choose is guaranteed to build a better bond between you and your precious furry best friend. No better time to start than now.