The Family Dogs program is for the household pet that wants to be a well mannered member of the family.

From puppy to adult this program covers everything starting with Potty Training and Crate Training. All basic commands including Sit, Stay, Down, COME when called, Walking on a Loose Leash. Good Manners commands such as No Jumping on people, Counter Surfing, Begging, Leave It, No Barking. Family Dog can include fun stuff too like Give Paw, Crawl, Roll Over, etc. ALL Training is done using Daniel's basic philosophy and methods of positive reinforcement . ALL Dogs are NOT created equal. Every training program is tailored for each individual dog and owner. NO "One Size Fits All", Your results will vary depending on the time and effort you have to work with your dog. By providing One on One training for you and your Family Dog you can progress without the pressures of a multi dog class. Train at your own pace. You want a Well Trained Dog but do not have the time for daily training? Visit the Stay & Train page.